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General information about Nestlé YEP

The Nestlé YOUth Entrepreneurship Platform, launched on 25 August 2022, aims to empower young innovators around the world to shape the future of food. Here you can access the training, resources and infrastructure to start your own business and develop innovative food products:

• Grow your entrepreneurial skills for free in the Academy

• Be the first to find out about events and programs in the global Events Catalogue

• Get the chance to win rewards and collaborate with Nestlé in Idea Challenge

• Submit your resume and get noticed by recruiters in the Talent Pool

Nestlé YEP is not an innovation program in itself, but your go-to platform where you can find all the innovation initiatives and opportunities at Nestlé. All you have to do is create a free account!

Anyone is welcome in our community! Nestlé YEP is designed for all food enthusiasts passionate about innovation and eager to make a difference in the future of food. This is a great place to start if you're an aspiring entrepreneur looking to start your own business.

Not at all - Nestlé YEP is fully free! You can access all the content and features just by creating your free account.

Support on creating, modifying, accessing or deleting your Nestlé YEP account.

You can create your account on the Registration Page:

• Fill in the mandatory Name, Age, Gender and Country fields and confirm that you are not a robot.
• After you register, you'll receive an email from us with a one-time activation link. Click on it to confirm your account and start browsing on YEP!

If you can't see the email, give it a few minutes and make sure to check your spam folders. 
To request a new verification link, go to the Log In page, type in your email and password, and a pop-up will appear with the message "Click here to resend mail".

You can request a new email activation link yourself on the Log In page:

• Try to log in with your email and password (even if it's not the right one).
• You'll see the pop-up with the message "Click here to resend mail".
• A new verification link should shortly be in your email inbox (make sure to check your spam).

If you don't see the "Click here to resend mail" message, try changing your password:

• Click on Forgotten password, type in your email address and you will receive a new link from us.

If you're not receiving emails, your account wasn't registered properly:

• You can create it again on the Registration page.
• Make sure to fill in the mandatory Name, Age, Gender and Country fields.

You can reset your password on the Forgotten Password page.
• Type in your email address, submit, and you'll receive a one-time link you can use to set a new password (don't forget to check your spam!).

Make sure your new password is at least 12 characters long, and contains at least 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 numeric and 1 special character.

"I'm not receiving any emails"
• Then your account wasn't registered properly - you can create it again on the Registration page.
• Make sure to fill in the mandatory Name, Age, Gender and Country fields, otherwise your account won't be created.

"My account is blocked and I can't request a new verification link"
• You might have had too many log in attempts and your account was blocked for security reasons. Send us an email at and we'll activate your account!

To edit your profile or account details, reach out to us at with your request and we'll change it for you.

To delete your account and data from the database, please reach out to us at with your request. Once the account is removed, we'll reply to your email with the confirmation.

Information about the Academy and support 

You can download your PDF certificate at any time from the Academy. Log in to the specific Academy Course you are interested in, scroll to the "Certificate" activity, and click the Download button. 

Are you having issues accessing the course? Reach out to us at and we ca assist you!

Send us an email at with the correct name you wish to have on your certificate, and we'll update it for you.

Depending on the size of the file and the network connection you are using, learning modules can sometimes take a bit longer to load.

Check that your internet connection is stable and working well. Try restarting your router, switching to a different network, or using a different browser to access the Academy. It might also help if you clear your browser cache and cookies, and then try loading the module again.

If the issue persists, please flag it in an email to so we can look into it.

Information and support about the events displayed on YEP and their registration process.

Nestlé YEP's Catalogue gathers all innovation events, programs and opportunities at Nestlé in one place, so you can easily filter through and find the right one for you! You'll often see there webinars, trainings, challenges or hackathons, career fairs, networking events, or flagship programs such as the Nestlé R+D Accelerator.

Each event is different - some are open to a global audience, while others only to a specific location/region. Use the filters to browse through the events and check the most relevant ones!

Information about resume submissions in the YEP Talent Pool career feature.

The Talent Pool functions as a database for recruiters to filter through the resumes submitted and pick the best candidates. While you won't be able to find or apply to jobs through this feature, you can always check open positions on the Nestlé Careers page!

Our first tip is make sure you answer all questions in the submission form. Highlight your top skills and let your personality shine through! You'll also increase your chances by completing the YEP Academy Modules and attaching the Certificates to your resume. Recruiters are looking for entrepreneurial skills and innovation mindset - and the YEP Certificate proves that!

At the moment it's not possible to edit your profile after submitting it to the Talent Pool. We'll keep you informed as the feature evolves. If you have submitted some information that is detrimental to your profile, reach out to us at and we'll do our best to assist you!

The personal information and data your provided in your submission is stored in the Nestlé database for 2 years. Read more on this topic on Nestlé's Privacy Policy.

Information on career and job opportunities.

Open positions at Nestlé are usually displayed on the website, in the Careers tab. There you can filter by Keywords, Country/Region, or you can chat with the AI Recruiting Assistant to find the best opportunity for you! 

While we're really happy to see your interest in a Nestlé position, we unfortunately don't process any resumes or cover letters received in our inbox. We encourage you to browse through Nestlé's Careers page for open roles, or share your resume to the YEP Talent Pool for a chance to be scouted by Nestlé recruiters!